The Most Profitable Format of the Casino

The most profitable format of the casino is the progressive slot machine. Why is this? There are two reasons for this. First of all progressive slots pay a lot more than regular slots, which means that the player can win big money very easily if they play in the right machine. Second of all, with progressive machines you actually have to hit a jackpot in order to cash out – hence the name – progressive.

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So, which is the most profitable format of the casino? The answer is a progressive slot machine, hands down! Any other slot machine will lose money, as they are “payout” machines and as such they only pay out the absolute maximum amount of cash to the first person who wins. With progressive machines, you will get paid not from the initial hit (a win) but from the amount of money that you keep on playing – hence, the term “per spin” – which means that you get paid for playing.

The other type of casino is the non-progressive, or non-progressive. These casinos do not use the “progressive” technology – so technically, they aren’t progressive. As such, they don’t payout as much, and it is less likely that you will win. But they are still very lucrative, because non-progressive slots are subject to the same laws of casinos, meaning that you can win and then just keep on playing and cashing out.